Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cupid's Chronicles:: Candace: So I guess this is goodbye...

CC asked me to sum up my love life and say goodbye to you all! I am sad to know I won't be able to vent with you all anymore lol. But on to the JUICE!!! I am still single and had been going on some dates but that all came to a screeching hault when...I got burnt! I swear I could not make this up if I wanted to! Okay, before you get all grossed out I must say it wasn't one of the major STD's but a common one caused by bacteria usually carried by the male. It has some long drawn out name but the street term is "trick". So I had a crazy night of sex with this guy I've actually know for about a year. We've made out in the past but never really went past that until last month. I must say I went into a major depression after my "discovery". I even considered "switching to the other side". I was so against men I actually thought about becoming a lesbian!! Long story short, getting a sexually transmitted desease was the best thing that could have ever happen to me! lol I am completely changed. I use to feel down about being single and sexually frustrated but now I realize there are worse things that could happen. Okay, here is the part where you will all be mad at me...I didn't tell him he gave me a STD. I just couldn't bring myself to do it! For some reason even though HE was the one who gave it to ME I still didn't want him to think I was some dirty chick who doesn't take care of herself! I promise within the next 2 months I will get the nerve to tell him. He should know so he doesn't go around giving "it" to anyone else. Anyway, Thank you guys for being my therapists. I'm considering starting my own blog so I hope CC will keep you guys posted! Have a happy 2010!!!!

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  1. Candace's ass really went out with a bang! That is messed up!