Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Men Hate in Bed

CC asked and boy oh boy did they answer! Here are some things men hate for women to do behind closed doors!!!

1. Don't Just Lie There: Men hate a boring woman who expects him to do all the work. Don't be lazy be nasty!!!

2. Push & Pull: You can caress it; you can stroke it but please don't pull it!!!! Apparently men ask that ladies keep the tough tugging to themselves.

3. Make Me Beg for it: Men want women to take control...oral control that is! Men feel it’s a major turn on when they don't have to ask for oral AND you get bonus points if you appear to enjoy it!

4. Trim the Hedges: The unkempt bush is soooo 1972! Men want your ' little lady' to be well manicured. The shapeless bush implies you could care less!

5. Take the Initiative: Usually it’s the man who gets things started with soft kissing and steamy licks. Well men are tired of it and want women to take the initiative!

The Breakdown: What Type of Woman Are You?

Before entering another relationship it is important to know what you need to work on. Over the next few weeks CC is breaking down the makings of a woman in love. Men pay close attention and investigate the wiring of women you normally date! Author Dr. Ronn Elmore has written a book that spot lights 5 types of women: Pleasers, Controllers, Avoiders and Bashers. First up, Pleasers!!!

Pleasers Anthem: "You're Nobody Until Sombody Loves You".

The Mind of a Pleaser:
-You're in love with love and the trappings that go with it.
-You feel great about yourself when a man shows interest and horrible when they don't
-You are secretly more competitive with other women and struggle w/ feelings of inadequacy around men.
-Men and relationships are almost always the center of your thoughts and conversations.
-You hope having a Pedatsal man of your own will somehow make up for not feeling like a Pedestal woman yourself.

Okay we'll stop there, just wanted to give our readers some food for thought! We will delve deeper into the 'pleaser' later on in the week and find out why this type of lover will always have problems in her relationship. CC would like to suggest that all readers keep an open mind and be honest about their flaws. We understand the truth hurts but it will also elicit change and improvement if you allow it.

Date Hot Spot

Looking for a place to go this Halloween weekend? What could be more appropriate than a haunted house?! Scream World located right off TC Jester has 5 haunted attractions. This creepy exhibit was voted the most scary haunted house in Houston. Enjoy your screams and scary dreams!!! Be safe this weekend!!!

Cupid's Chronicles::Brandon: More than Meets the Eye

I noticed last entry left a few females upset. I'd love to apologize but it wouldn't be sincere. I am an older male but if I make a rash decision to have sex with a beautiful woman while under the influence sue me! Last I checked I am a man and a SINGLE man at that so do me a favor, the day I decide to pass on sex with a woman I've admired for months shoot me! No wonder some of these readers are SINGLE females. They are way too hard on men. I'll leave that topic alone. My crush turned disposable dame (DD) is still in the picture, sexually more than anything else. Our sexual encounters have become alot more frequent. We're averaging about 4-5 times a week. Contrary to popular belief I'm not heartless, so we do talk alot and I must say that the sober her is very impressive. She seems like a cool chick. I 'm just not trying to be decieved. She's younger and highly desired. I'm sure I'm one of many. So for now she'll remain my DD. Lol

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cupid's Proverb

Love has no awareness of merit or demerit; it has no scale...
Love loves; this is its nature.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cupid's Chronicle: Alex:: Blind leading the Blind

I am not my flesh.... I am more than this. I must meditate on these words to continue. I've been praying, fasting, and constantly thinking, but I am still dealing with this feeling inside me.

It might be time for me to be alone, and stop dragging my boyfriend blindly with me... either he knows or I let go.

The pleasure of my ex, haunts me daily. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot Halloween Couple Costumes

It's that time of the year again, and you want to make sure you look great in your costume. Here are some hot ideas for you and a date to go as to a halloween party:

Yes, it's been done, but that's because it's fun! Let your guy live out his Hef fantasies by giving him a night with the ultimate girl next door. What happens in the grotto stays in the grotto, right?

What is better than dressing up like a sexy scene straight out of Grey's Anatomy? Just replace all the drama to a night of pure TLC....
We're not sure whether it's the accent or his sweet disposition, but we haven't fallen this hard for a cold-blooded charmer since Kermit. And don't even get us started on the Caveman. It's up to you to decide who gets to play which part, but both of you are sure to impress your friends. Plus, this costume might just save you 44 percent on your treat

Click "read more" some more great ideas.....

Body Language: Are You Being Lied To?

Have a feeling you're not getting the whole truth? Well here are some non-verbal flags that tell you when someone is not being honest.
1. A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact.
2. Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear. Not likely to touch their chest/heart with an open hand.
3. A guilty person gets defensive. An innocent person will often go on the offensive.

4. A liar is uncomfortable facing his questioner/accuser and may turn his head or body away.
5. A liar might unconsciously place objects (book, coffee cup, etc.) between themselves and you.
6. Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space.

Click the link below to find out about more body language that implies deception!

Cupid's Chronicles::Candace: Men Wanted

Good News!!!! He finally came to his senses!!!! After that jerk suggested I take him to dinner for our first date I completely cut him off. Days later he calls and attempts to ignore our previous falling out and hold normal convo. This only made me more upset so I told him I had to end the phone call. He calls back, seconds later, and claims he was joking with the 'dinner thing'. I must admit this upset me as well because he failed to be honest and say "I'm just a jerk" but I decided to take it easy and allow him to make it up to me. Now, I know there are some men thinking she is sooooo overreacting but he really pissed me off! Anyway we went to dinner this weekend then back to his place for some late night chat. I've been wanting to jump his bones since I met him and once I got to his place I could tell he knew it. He began to over work his sex appeal. I don't know how to explain it, he was gazing into my eyes and doing all types of cliche things. I had to hold my laughter in when he went to the restroom fully clothed and came out with no shirt on! He claimed water got on his shirt. Now I must be honest he had the body of a god but I was just turned off! So needless to say he got no XXX action. I'm as shocked as you all are lol! I have to hand it to the readers who commented on my last entry, you all are RIGHT I'm dating boys not men :( Now I just have to figure out how to change this...P.S. It is so sad that through the entire date I was thinking of how I would word the nights events in my next entry! lol

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cupid's Chronicle: Alex:: Jezebel

Okay so I took a sabbatical from EVERYTHING… I had to reflect on myself… I honestly feel I need more time because I feel as though a lustful freak beast has been released. It is like men are looking at me different and approaching me different. I honestly feel like a Jezebel walking the streets on the prowl. I’m also walking different and paying more attention to how I look. I wear make-up to work and doing my hair. What is this new feeling I am feeling?

So now there is a guy at work that on a normal day I would never have given him the time of day, but now I am purposely trying to “seduce” him, and it is working. I lean over his desk, when I have to tell him something I say it closer to his ear, give him longer looks at meetings. It’s like the FREAK BEAST has been pushed down for so long, and it is now busting out.

Oh maybe I should say something about my boyfriend…lol! Wellllll, he has noticed a change and he does not like it. He looks at me in the morning putting my making up on, and I see him from the mirror looking at me thinking “Wtf? Why is she getting all cute for work?”… Well my dear…. I cheated on you and I have no control over myself.

I need a leash and someone to tame me. I am so bad…

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Estavan: I'm back...

Hey ya'll! So as you may have noticed...I've been M.I.A Well where to begin? As you all may have figured out by the little talk I had with CC last week, I in fact am of the homosexual orientation. That is right...I am gay. Shocking I know! Just to get it out there, I don't personally like it when people refer to is a "sexual preference." That implies that I prefer to be attracted to men, of course, that is not that case; however, within the past few weeks I have began to be curious about women. Well "woman" more so than "women." I'm not sure how to really describe what I've been feeling for this girl. She contacted me through facebook. We went to school together, HIGH SCHOOL! Well she added me as a friend and vice versa. I'm sure you are familiar with the working of facebook. So moving on...we began to email each other, sorta instant emailing. I had to cut it short because I had to head out to work, she emailed me her phone number and I did the same. The next day she sent me a text and for the past two weeks we have been corresponding throughout the day. She told me, on the first day of texting, that she was hurt because I had stopped talking to her my senior year in high school, I did not know that I had done so. I could be a bit of an ass, so hey excuse me for not keeping up with my reasoning for detaching from people. I'm pretty good at that. Anywho, she told me I had contacted her four days before my graduation, let me remind you-high school graduation, and she thought I was calling her to reconcile our friendship. Wrong, I had called her to ask her for her cousin's contact info to invite him to my graduation. Hahaha, I am an ass! The reason why she was so hurt was because she really liked me, well in her words, she LOVED ME. I was really surprised by that. I really had no idea. Well I apologized. For some reason, as we have conversed back and forth for the past few weeks, this interest for her has crept. Problem is I'm not really sure what it means. I'm currently dating a guy, or as he likes to say, we are getting to know each other. He's never dated a guy before so he's really careful on how he words things. Labeling us to soon could scare him off! I'm beginning to have feelings for him. I mean my physical attraction is with men, but having this old friend come back into the picture has reminded me of what a relationship is like with a woman. Since coming out four years ago, I have yet to find a stable relationship with a man. The guy I am seeing now is typical of the guys I attract and am attracted to. I find someone who is smitten by me and is willing to "give it a try" with me. I come into their lives and for some reason they see me as...forget it, I'm not going there right now. I'll leave that for another day. Just wanted to let you know that this gay man might just be turning back....YEAH RIGHT! Or am I...

Cupid's Cousin Executives Listen

It has come to our attention that many of our blog viewers would like to have an outlet that will allow them to ask questions & seek advice anonymously. We ensure you that we are working on this issue & hope to grant this request soon. Cupid's Cousin would like to thank it's members, followers & viewers for making this blog such a success! Continue to enjoy our blog & please send any other concerns or suggestions to

Cupid's Chronicles::Brandon: She Circled 'Yes'

I finally asked her out for drinks! We meet up and she is out of her work clothes and sexier than I've ever seen her in my life! Conversation flowed pretty well and she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. The night goes on and she is on her third margarita and I would swear she became her sexually aggressive twin sister or something! She started with the flirting eyes then she started to get a bit more touchy and making sexual comments. It's totally out of my character to take advantage of a drunken damsel but we must keep in mind I was on my fifth drink! Long story short we had sex! She must have graduated from porn star university with honors because she got an A++++++!!! Now I have good news and bad news. The bad news is she will never be a serious love interest for me. The good news is I have a new disposable damsel!!! And she is so good at what she does! I'm sorry to sound so harsh ladies but she already talked to several guys at my job so one can only assume their night ended like mind did....

Great Date Spot: Lucky Strike

Are you tired of when you go bowling it is always the same environment? Smoke, bad music, dirty floors, horrible food....etc...

Well Houston has opened a new bowling alley that has a upscale lounge feel called Lucky Strike Lanes. This bowling alley is not typical...the environment is chic, food is delicious, and very clean.

This is a great place for double dates and small parties.

It is located:
Downtown Houston
1201 San Jacinto St., Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713.343.3300

There is also an area entitled LUXE, where there are 4 lanes in a private premium suite.
Call for details or click on the link below

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cupid's Proverb

Time is tricky when it comes to matters of the heart. Some may fall in love within a week while others may need years to heal from heartbreak.

Cupid's Chronicles::Candace: Is it Me?

I am so pissed people!!! You all remember that "hot" guy that I met a couple of weeks back right? Well, we've been talking quite often but we haven't seen each other since our initial encounter. So, he finally asked when he would see me again and I'm thinking YES!!! THEN this asshole messes up the moment by asking am I going to treat?! Okay, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was a bad joke but NO ten minutes later he brings it up again! He says "no really, where are you taking me?" I'm sorry but I must be honest, I completely lost it! Why would he assume that I was going to wine and dine him? He didn't even suggest we go dutch! I always thought it was understood that the man treats but lately I'm noticing the tide has turned and I DON'T LIKE IT! Make no mistake, I am more than capable of paying for his dinner x10. If we were established I would have no issue but on the first date?!!! It just annoys me that men don't want to be men these days! Okay I'm done venting I just had to get that off my breasts lol. If he only knew he was going to get the best XXX of his life for dessert! I was sooo looking foward to it :( Okay I'm desperate maybe he still will get some dessert. Thanks for being my virtual therapy people!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Estevan Breaks His Silence

CC sits down with Cupid’s Chronicle cast member Esteban as he breaks his silence & speaks candidly about love in the gay community!

CC: How long have you known you were gay?
Esteban: I’ve known forever. I was about 6 or 7 when I realized I was different.

CC: Did you ever date women?
Esteban: yea I did. Not a lot but a few. I guess it was just enough to cover it up. I had a few in college & had a long term girlfriend of about 3 and a half years.

CC: Do you think she ever knew you were gay?
Esteban: No. She would make comments sometimes like “oh you’re so gay” but that phrase is used sometimes to refer to a certain thing that a guy might do that is feminine. Not that I’m feminine but I guess certain things that I did.

CC: I must say you’re not very feminine at all. I’ve seen some pretty feminine ones before.
Esteban: yea (laugh)

CC: So sex! Did you have to fake it? Did you have to think of a man to get the job done?
Esteban: yea that was weird. Usually… (pause) well it depends on the sex; if it was quick and to the point, you know a “nooner” type thing in between work I could do the job without thinking about guys. If it was more of a passionate love making session then, yea it’s kind of bad to say, but I would definitely have an image of that guy walking down the hall or some guy I saw on TV.

CC: Did it feel good with a woman?
Esteban: It did. It did. All my (physical) senses are down there so it works. It’s just the mind that wasn’t there.

Down Low Men

CC: Have you ever dated any “Down Low” Men? If so, how do you feel about the DL phemonenom?
Esteban: I have. I can’t say I have dated any DL men but I have definitely messed around with them. It’s just funny. It kind of feeds off of that ‘every gay man wants a straight man’ thing. A down low man is the closest thing to a straight man. They’re usually married with kids and live a ‘straight’ life.

More on Down Low men when you click READ MORE!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cupid's Chronicles:: Alex: Was lust worth it?

Damn! ... is all I have to say. I met my ex for lunch... and let's just say I had more than lunch on the menu. Yeah we had sex and it was so passionate and lustful and good, BUT it was in my car. During it, I didn't care; I just wanted him so bad. Let's just say the lust was the only thing fueling my mind.

Wham Bam and 20 minutes later... we were done. Time to go… and all I could say was "thanks".... wtf?

Driving back home I put it on 102.1 and my heart was beating with music. But this was not the heart beat of love... it was the heartbeat of shame. I felt like throwing up right there in my car on the freeway. The rain began to pour down and the sky was grey ... and right then I felt like I sold my soul for lust, for those 20 minutes of passion. My hand was on the steering wheel and I couldn’t stop shaking. No tears though, no crying... just one simple thing, GUILT!

Well I got my I wish I only had the love of my boyfriend.

What am I suppose to do, go home and kiss him? That's I took the coke I had in my car spilled it all over my lap, so when I walked in I had an excuse to go straight to bathroom and take a shower, hoping the water will cleanse the shame.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupid's Chronicles::Brandon: Opening Act?

Wow I feel like I was just an opening act compared to Rich lol. He really put it all out there! Well I haven't covered much ground yet. I'll keep you all posted.

Cupid's Proverb

A 60 story building with a weak foundation will crumble. This is no different with a romantic relationship. Fix you first then build your relationship.

Dating Hot Spot

Looking for a nice place to take your date this weekend? Grab some light bites then take a stroll around Houston's Sculpture Garden. This spacey atrium, located in the museum district, is loaded with abstract sculptures that will unveil your inner artist!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cupid's Chronicles: Alex:: Stuck in a rut!

So the question that is out there is “Did you meet up with your ex-boyfriend?”…. YES guys I did. The weird thing is I have no regrets.

Okay so me and my ex were chatting via telephone and email for some time now. Flirting and reminiscing on old times. Well after awhile I felt horrible because he was aware of my relationship status and all that ran through my mind was “what goes around comes around”. He stated that he understood about my relationship, but would still like to see me so we could talk in person… BIG MISTAKE!

Well about 3 times a week I go to this coffee place to read, so I told him to come there. He walked in and all I could say was WOW, damn he looked good. It was like seeing a ghost from the past, but this ghost looked better then I remembered. The night went on and he did very subtle gestures to let me know that he still wanted more, like touching my hand over the table, sweeping my hair from my face, etc… Then it happened! He said, “Alex, you were the best thing that has ever happened to me, you were meant for me and I for you. We can’t base our tomorrow by continuously harping on mistakes of our youthful past… and blah blah blah”. It all sounded just too right, but inside I also felt too wrong (due to my boyfriend). Well the night winded down and he walked me to my car, and yes we kissed. OMG, I can’t remember the last time that I had butterflies after kissing, there was this tingle that ran down my spine. It was… magical (corny, I know), but it was.

So the question is, now what? Do I explored this tingle down my spine, or do I continue in this relationship that stimulates nothing?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re-post:The Mind of a Ladies' Man

Meet Rich, a 29 year old ladies' man with charisma that could make any woman melt! Cupid’s Cousin (CC) interviewed this Houstonian Bachelor and journeyed inside the mind of a ‘ladies man’.

CC: How many women are you currently seeing?
Rich: (laugh) 3 consistently. There are more but if we’re talking consistently, 3.

CC: Are any of these women the one?
Rich: No

CC: Does each of these women have a different rank or purpose?
Rich: No. I want them to serve more of a purpose but they don’t. They don’t offer enough to categorize one as my domestic chick, freak etc. it is what it is. I enjoy my time with each of them but not enough is brought to the table. I wish they did but they don’t. I’m not interested in them for the long haul so I don’t require much of them. I just allow them to be themselves and however they choose to interact with me, so be it.

CC: Do you think any of these women feel for you more than you feel for them?
Rich: One of them does.

Find out what else Rich has to say when you click Read More!

5 Stages of Most Relationships

Relationships are a lot of work. They can end in happiness, but most often, they end in a passive aggressive battle. We decided we'd show you the stages of most relationships.

click link to read the rest of the steps... funny stuff

Monday, October 5, 2009

Were You Really That Great? Doubt it!!!

First things first it's important for men to understand that many women have a difficult time having an orgasm. Most women will never expierence the 'Big O' in their life time. If you are a man who is detemined to master the art of love making you must know and listen to her body!

1. If she has a sudden orgasm, SHE'S FAKING

2. If she seems distracted, SHE'S FAKING

3. If she is NOT wet, DUH!!!

How can you know when it's real???

You’ll know that she’s for real when her body temperature is up, her labia are swollen, wet and are a darker pink or purple than usual. They’ll also give off voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions, and her clitoris will be larger than normal. Her breasts may feel bigger in your hands as they’ll be a little more swollen, and her nipples will be hard and erect. These things just can’t be controlled by a woman and will be easy for you to see and discover.

Top 10 Deal Breakers According to Men

10. She doesn't back you up.

9. She flirts with other guys.

8. She neglects you publicly.

7. She lies

6. She criticizes you.

5. She dissapears without telling you.

4. She abuses you.

3. She scolds you publicly.

2. She has a substance abuse problems.


Cupid's Proverb


Cupid's Chronicles::Brandon: On Second Thought...

I'm sorry to dissapoint the readers but I have yet to approach 'My Crush' BUT I have done some investigating! I've learned that she is a serial employee dater. She has dated at least 3 other guys in different departments. Now, that leaves me to assume she is single which is a good thing but for some reason it makes me see her differently...

Cupid's Chronicles::Candace: That's Hot!

For starters, I landed the deal with those clients!!!! Now on to my love life. Not much is going on I'm fighting the urge to call Kai back and it's getting easier as the days pass. Oh yea! I met this HOT HOT HOT guy at 'Olives' last week and we've been talking since. He tends to talk about himself alot but he's really handsome and has alot of checks on my list so I ignore the small flaws. Let me be frank, I figured if all else fells this guy could at least serve as my lover. It's been quite some time since I've been intimate and my hand held friend needs some rest! So I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

Here are the top 10 foods that will get your juices flowing to those special parts!

10. Asparagus

9. Almonds

8. Avocado

7. Bananas

6. Basil

5. Chocolate

4. Figs

3. Garlic

2. Oysters

1. Honey

Cupid's Chronicles::Brandon: Circle Yes or No

So I've been crushing on this beautiful lady that works at my job. I was told she has a boyfriend and to be honest I couldn't care less. I'm thinking may the best man win right? Anyway I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if she's into me or not. I could swear she's giving me the flirty eye (you know the look lol) but then again it could all be my imagination. Here's a little secret HATE rejection! I know no one likes to be rejected but it can REALLY cut us deep. For this reason, I must come up with a smooth approach. Don't get me wrong, I don't have trouble conversing with women when I'm out but this is different. I gotta work with this woman! I would have to see her everyday and re-live the rejection each time we pass! Maybe I should just try the classic "do you like me? circle yes or no" method. lol I'm sure it will at least make her smile. I'll give it some thought and keep everyone posted. Later