Friday, June 24, 2011

Girl Talk

We were watching a reality show the other day. One of the female characters in this show decided she has been waiting far too long for a proposal so she took matters into her own hands and prosposed to her man instead. The 6 of us girls were in complete agreement when we said HELL NO we wont propose. But we are interested in knowing what the readers think... Is it sexy, empowering or just plain desperate when a woman proposes to her man????

Cupid's Chronicle: On to The Next One:: Bria

The dating adventures have begun and as promised I will be chronicling them here.

Ok. So I gave someone my number whom I wasn't really attracted to in the first place but I decided to not be as shallow as I can be and give him a shot. After weeks of sporadic text msgs initiated by him that never led to much conversation he mustered up the courage to ask me out.

I agreed to meet him at a restaurant and immediately chuckled discretely after seeing him in his "get up". He had on the tightest v-neck shirt that practically dipped all the way down to his belly button and displayed his nipples through the shirt (it was a bit chilly I guess). His pants was just as tight and I was annoyed at the loafers with no socks bid. He stood up to greet me with a hug and I realized for the first time how skinny this dude was! Like Marc Anthony-skeletor skinny. His personality needed to seriously woo me if he hoped to peak my interest.

No luck there! He kept talking about extravagant things that he used to have and places he had lived before and blah blah blah. I tuned him out and started thinking about my "potential" and our last sexual encounter. Which drifted off into further fantasies and resulted in me chiming in and out of skeletor's rant about himself with empty "that's interestings" and a few "reallys". I was relieved when he took a restroom break! I took the opportunity to ask the waiter to bring the check so I can wrap things up. As he walked me to my car he tried to invite himself over to continue the conversation I wasn't even participating in. I declined, thanked him for dinner and said I'd call which I had no intention on doing. On to the next one...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Debate of the Week: 6/20/11

So, you finally meet the person of your dreams. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You've met tons of others but no one compares to this special person. BUT you are doing very well for yourself financially and considered having your future spouse sign a prenuptial agreement. Many would say a prenup is simply a safety net, a way of saying "just in case" while others would argue one shouldn't walk down the aisle with a "just in case" in mind. So does a prenup contradict a marriage that is intended to last forever?

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Friday, June 17, 2011


Phase 1: The Honeymoon (Love- ain't it great!)
This is the romantic, passionate, stars-in-the-eyes phase. The sex is good and there is never enough of it. This doesn't happen for all couples but as a rule, this strong attraction stage is laced with thinking about and wanting to be with, your new love.

Phase 2: Accommodation (O.K, so love isn't perfect)
Even Romeo and Juliet had they been married, would have had to deal with the day-to-day realities. In the Accommodation Stage roles are established, expectations are set and compromises are made. It is here that disillusionment sets in and power struggles become evident. The other person's habits, needs, anger and withdrawal patterns become uncomfortably clear. Intense conflict has the potential for developing during this stage. It is most advantageous to learn about problem solving, conflict management and communication during this stage.

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Laugh of the Week!

I was thinking about the worst date I 've ever had and while there are quite a few runner ups, this particular date wins HANDS DOWN! My date set very definitive plans including my meeting him at his home by 8:00pm. I drive to his home and soon find out that it was actually the home of his cousin. That was fine with me, my bad for assumming right?! We go inside the house and my date informs me that he is currently without transportation. He was extremely embarrassed and apologetic so I let it go. He goes on to say his older cousin will be driving us to the resturaunt he selected for the evening and picking us up as well! I was speechless, but his cousin was everything but. The cousin comes down the stairs yelling at my date saying he can drop us off but he WILL NOT pick us up! I was so ashamed and I didn't even do anything wrong! In the end I was a good sport. I drove us to the closest resturaunt I could find. My date continued to apologize the enitre ride home but some things are unforgivable. Needless to say we never spoke again.  So lets hear it readers! WHAT'S THE WORST DATE YOU'VE EVER BEEN ON? Make us laugh but be brief!

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The Dark Side of Love

This documentary highlights the struggles of dark skin women. Do you feel a dark complextion makes and Woman/Man less attractive?
Note: No PC answers needed. Please be open and honest.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spotlight: Poet Janette...Ikz

So I came across this awesome christian poet and had to share! Her words are laced with wisdom and humor that give her poems life. This specific poem focuses on the struggles of a single woman! A-MAZE-ING!

Three is a crowd.

Meet Rebecca, a 25 year old real estate agent who is caught in a love triangle. Many would consider her "the other woman" but you may walk away thinking differently after reading this interview. CR sat down and spoke candidly with this intellectual beauty and captured her perspective...

CR: How long was it into your current "relationship" before you discovered he already had a girlfriend?

Rebecca: It was about seven weeks into the relationship when I started to be concerned. I discovered her presence, but I wasn't exactly sure of the status of the relationship. When I confronted him about it, he assured me that she was not his girlfriend. Initially I bought into the lie. But, after I started to see her "around" more and more I knew what the deal was.

CR: Did you consider getting out of the situation before emotions got any deeper?

Rebecca: I contemplated my next move and at the end of the day I liked dating this guy. I have a lot of fun with him and he treats me like I want to be treated. So, I made the decision to allow him to believe that I actually believed his lie. Sad to say but, I got to the point of wanting to knock the "girlfriend" out of the picture. My frame of mind was that if she had as much control over him as she thought then he would not be so easy for the taking.

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The Writer's Block

This segment was created to allow the writers of Cupid's Reality speak their minds. Your thoughts and feedback are more than encouraged...

A wise man (my ex) once told me that within 15 minutes of meeting a woman, a man has placed her in a "category". Now, these categories change with each man pending on what stage of life he is in. For instance, for the man who just got out of a long term relationship, the category of "wifey" may not be an option, no matter how well the woman carries herself, because he is not willing to commit again at this point in his life. Categories can range from “friend”, wifey””, “freak”, “let’s see where this goes” to party girl etc. According to my ex, just a brief conversation with him has placed you in your rightful category. I asked him if a woman can start off in one category and move to another. His answer...Absolutely, but its easier to be promoted from the “friend” category than it is to move up from the "freak" or “wacko”. He ended this theory by saying first impressions are everything. When a man walks in with you on his arm he wants other men to think "Damn, I wouldn’t mind her being my girl” vs. "Damn, I’m going to fuck his girl". So CR readers, do you think there is some validity to this category theory???

Spotlight: The Bright Side

CR would like to place the spotlight on this amazing blog entitled "The Bright Side". Author and creator, Reisha Beaty is an avid supporter of CR and decided to create her own blog tracking her personal dating life. If you're in need of a gasp or laugh check out her entertaining blog!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cupid's Chronicle: Life on the Side Line.

Cupid’s Chronicle is back in a new way! This time we’re placing the spot light on Bria a 28 year old Houstonian beauty. She is freeing herself from a past of heartbreak and long term relationships and taking on single life in the big city! Read her weekly updates and buckle up for the ride…

Pretty interesting headline but it sums up my situation best. I met my ex when I was 19. The relationship grew into something very serious very quickly. Within a month we were in a committed relationship although in retrospect he was not ready to give up the chicks that were existent prior to my arrival. So very soon into relationship I began to receive phone calls from the "side chicks" detailing their sexual encounters with MY boyfriend. I was hurt, mad and upset each time I caught him cheating but stayed partly because I viewed these women as "side chicks" who weren't receiving the same benefits I was getting as the "main chick". They didn't meet his family, go on dinner dates, drive his car, or get their tuition paid. Needless to say the relationship lasted about 4 years too long and ended when he got one of his "side chicks" pregnant.

Soon after that break up I start a new relationship in the same fashion. Within in a month we were committed and the roller coaster began! We'd argue constantly and make up passionately but there was always a thought in the back of my mind that something was off. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I soon found out that I wasn't the only girl in his life and in fact was HIS "side chick"! I was devastated to say the least. He tried so hard to keep me in his life but wanted to also continue his relationship with his "main chick". How in the world did I go from being someone’s main chick to the side chick? I ended that situation. Now I am on a quest to be a man’s ONLY chick. So let the dates begin! I will keep you all posted on my dating adventures. With my track record it should be quite interesting.

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Debate of the Week 6/13/11

    It’s safe to say there are some significant differences found in men and women of the millennium vs. the 1920's. The evolution of genders is astounding. It seems "independence" is now being worn as a pendent of pride by many of our women and encouraged by most men. Specifically, women are becoming 'bread winners', claiming cooperate positions formerly dominated by men and utilizing the microwave far more than the oven. While many men are more than willing to pass the tab on a dinner date, and content with being "stay at home dads". Does our society's embrace of independence and intermingling of gender roles work against an ultimate goal of developing a successful union between two individuals?

In other words: Can you have a successful relationship/marriage without "traditional" gender roles.

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Girl Talk

We're baaaaaackkk!!! Once again myself and five of my best lady friends were asked to let you all in on things we women talk about during our "male free" nights. If you follow the blog, you see we've touched on everything ranging from the over wieght lover to our secret attraction to 'girl on girl' porn. We are all excited to have the blog back. Now let’s get on with it... The other day we got on the topic of SIZE. My girl was telling a hilarious story of this 6'5" chiseled specimen with a penis the size of a light switch! I'm sure she was exaggerating but you get the point. So I mentioned my preference. The average (6-7 inches) is more than enough for me. I mean the ‘anaconda’ is a great conversation piece but other than that all it can contribute is pain and discomfort. Three of my girls strongly disagreed, stating there is nothing better than a sexy man with a huge D---! So readers, we need a tie breaker. Does size matter?!

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