Monday, July 4, 2011

The Art of Deception

Meet Nicole, a 28 year old Houston native. On the outside she seems to be every man’s dream. She’s young, gorgeous and driven but everything isn’t always what it seems. CR journeys inside the mind of a “female playa” and reveals why the deception of sugar and spice is everything but nice...

CR: What were your thoughts on our "Ladies Man" post?

NP: I wasn't surprised by the ladies man post. I somewhat expect that any "single" man would be seeing multiple women... Although I still wouldn't want to be one of many.

CR: How many men are you currently seeing?

NP: How many men am I seeing? Well I'm "doing" two but I really like one. The other is just a guaranteed orgasm. No potential for much else there at all.

CR: Do you think they suspect they are being played. If not, why?

NP: I'm not playing anyone. I'm not in a relationship with either. The one that I really like probably assumes I "date" but most guys put me in a "good girl" box and tend to put a lot past me. The one whom it’s just sex with knows I date other people. We have somewhat of an understanding. I couldn’t care less if he dates others because he's not someone I'd want a relationship from. No steady job, baby mamas, smokes etc... He just serves as a pseudo BF when needed.

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Marry, Murder, Smash

In this segment, we will name three celebrities that are well known. Simply comment and tell us your personal prefrence if you had to choose, would you MARRY them, MURDER them or SEX them crazy...enjoy!



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