Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girl Talk

Houston we have a problem!!! So one of our beautiful 6 divas recently received a jaw dropping phone call from her 'on again/off again' beaux. This phone call created quite the convo because it touched on the 'no-no' topic....A woman's weight!!!!!! So he calls her just to catch up and after a while, the conversation leads to her weight. Now, we may be biased but our girl is hot!!! Yes, she is thick but her waist is so much smaller than anything else on her body! That automaticlly equals a brick house right?!...WRONG? He told her he has known her for 7 years and if she hadn't gained the weight she has he would have married her a long time ago!! Talk about a gut punch!!! We were all taken aback. Everytime we all go out she NEVER has trouble attracting men. So he continues on to say he allows her to get on top during sex because, to be frank, it feels good but afterwards his back is in excruciating pain days later!!! It's a good thing to be honest but he was brutal!!! So we don't know how to feel about this. Is he a jerk or is he just helping? Should she lose weight or keep doing her thing? 

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