Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re-post:The Mind of a Ladies' Man

Meet Rich, a 29 year old ladies' man with charisma that could make any woman melt! Cupid’s Cousin (CC) interviewed this Houstonian Bachelor and journeyed inside the mind of a ‘ladies man’.

CC: How many women are you currently seeing?
Rich: (laugh) 3 consistently. There are more but if we’re talking consistently, 3.

CC: Are any of these women the one?
Rich: No

CC: Does each of these women have a different rank or purpose?
Rich: No. I want them to serve more of a purpose but they don’t. They don’t offer enough to categorize one as my domestic chick, freak etc. it is what it is. I enjoy my time with each of them but not enough is brought to the table. I wish they did but they don’t. I’m not interested in them for the long haul so I don’t require much of them. I just allow them to be themselves and however they choose to interact with me, so be it.

CC: Do you think any of these women feel for you more than you feel for them?
Rich: One of them does.

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CC: Do you ever intend to settle down?
Rich: I not only intend to settle down, but I hope to real soon.

CC: What is your biggest pet peeve with women?
Rich: If she bullshits me. I try not to sell any wolf tickets. I don’t ask any questions that I don’t want to hear the answer to. When I’m asked questions I’m pretty honest.

CC: In your opinion, what must “the one” possess?
Rich: (long pause) There are a lot of things the one must posses, that’s what makes them the one. I’ve met a lot of women that have possessed a certain thing that drove me crazy, even led me to infatuation or deep care but ultimately, it didn’t work out. It takes more than one thing. It takes many things to be that one.

CC: Once a cheater always a cheater?
Rich: Not at all. I won’t say why I have proof for that, but not at all. It all depends on the person’s character.

CC: How do you feel when you get busted?
Rich: I was busted not too long ago. I don’t look at it as being busted if it’s just one of my ‘chicks’ but if it’s someone I care about, that doesn’t feel good at all. I had that happen once and it doesn’t feel good at all.

CC: If one of your women had another man how would you feel?
Rich: I pretty much live with the expectation that they do have another man, so I mean…

CC: Does playing hard to get actually work?
Rich: For men or women?
CC: Both.
Rich: Well for women it depends. There is a really sexy and alluring way, a very classy way of making that happen that a man can’t ignore. Then there’s a bitchy way of doing it that’s just frustrating. Women think it’s cute, but it’s really elementary and antagonizing. There is also a shy way that leads to nothing. The man just thinks that the woman isn’t interested. The bitchy way can also have the same effect.
    For men, yes playing hard to get works. My dudes and I talked about that. A lot of women see it as a challenge more so than men these days. If a women makes their interest in you known and at that point the man falls back, it’s almost like he didn’t honor an obligation then her interest is really sparked.

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  1. WOWOWOWOW this dude make me want to be single forever!

  2. He give's me a lot to think about! I hope I'm not one of his 3 chicks lol!!!

  3. Whoa! my friend insisted that I read this interview. Why does he have three girls if he hopes to settle down soon?

  4. What u put out in this world is what you will receive... so with that point... good luck Rich.. ha