Friday, June 24, 2011

Cupid's Chronicle: On to The Next One:: Bria

The dating adventures have begun and as promised I will be chronicling them here.

Ok. So I gave someone my number whom I wasn't really attracted to in the first place but I decided to not be as shallow as I can be and give him a shot. After weeks of sporadic text msgs initiated by him that never led to much conversation he mustered up the courage to ask me out.

I agreed to meet him at a restaurant and immediately chuckled discretely after seeing him in his "get up". He had on the tightest v-neck shirt that practically dipped all the way down to his belly button and displayed his nipples through the shirt (it was a bit chilly I guess). His pants was just as tight and I was annoyed at the loafers with no socks bid. He stood up to greet me with a hug and I realized for the first time how skinny this dude was! Like Marc Anthony-skeletor skinny. His personality needed to seriously woo me if he hoped to peak my interest.

No luck there! He kept talking about extravagant things that he used to have and places he had lived before and blah blah blah. I tuned him out and started thinking about my "potential" and our last sexual encounter. Which drifted off into further fantasies and resulted in me chiming in and out of skeletor's rant about himself with empty "that's interestings" and a few "reallys". I was relieved when he took a restroom break! I took the opportunity to ask the waiter to bring the check so I can wrap things up. As he walked me to my car he tried to invite himself over to continue the conversation I wasn't even participating in. I declined, thanked him for dinner and said I'd call which I had no intention on doing. On to the next one...


  1. Be prepared for most of your dates to end like this! #hatesthedatinggame

  2. lol at "skeletor"...yea def on to the next one!