Friday, June 24, 2011

Girl Talk

We were watching a reality show the other day. One of the female characters in this show decided she has been waiting far too long for a proposal so she took matters into her own hands and prosposed to her man instead. The 6 of us girls were in complete agreement when we said HELL NO we wont propose. But we are interested in knowing what the readers think... Is it sexy, empowering or just plain desperate when a woman proposes to her man????


  1. I actually asked the guy I'm dating this question and he says he'd prefer to ask. I think its necessary to reach some sort of understanding as well as state how long you're willing to wait for marriage because some operate by the "don't ask, don't do" policy.

  2. I think it's up to the individuals, but as for me, I would just let the guy do the asking. By a certain time if he hasn't thought about taking the relationship to the next level, then maybe that's not something that he is thinking about with me. (All of this assuming that we have had the marriage conversation) Meaning that I probably need to move around anyway.

    I understand that we [women] are approaching men these days, but I would like to keep this part of tradition intact.

  3. I think some things should be keep traditional... this is one of those moments!