Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three is a crowd.

Meet Rebecca, a 25 year old real estate agent who is caught in a love triangle. Many would consider her "the other woman" but you may walk away thinking differently after reading this interview. CR sat down and spoke candidly with this intellectual beauty and captured her perspective...

CR: How long was it into your current "relationship" before you discovered he already had a girlfriend?

Rebecca: It was about seven weeks into the relationship when I started to be concerned. I discovered her presence, but I wasn't exactly sure of the status of the relationship. When I confronted him about it, he assured me that she was not his girlfriend. Initially I bought into the lie. But, after I started to see her "around" more and more I knew what the deal was.

CR: Did you consider getting out of the situation before emotions got any deeper?

Rebecca: I contemplated my next move and at the end of the day I liked dating this guy. I have a lot of fun with him and he treats me like I want to be treated. So, I made the decision to allow him to believe that I actually believed his lie. Sad to say but, I got to the point of wanting to knock the "girlfriend" out of the picture. My frame of mind was that if she had as much control over him as she thought then he would not be so easy for the taking.

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CR: Do you think he is really “easy for the taking” or that is part of his strategy to keep both women?

Rebecca: He definitely plays the game right, making it more difficult for my plan of attack. If he happens to be in the same space as her and I, he makes sure to give me, my time. And because of that, him and her would usually start arguing and end up leaving the scene. He’s never admitted to me that she is his girlfriend...but I never expected him to. At the end of the day, a lie is only as good as the amount of time you can keep it going...and that is exactly what he is doing.

CR: Do you consider yourself "the other woman"?

Rebecca: No, I do not consider myself the other woman. To be perfectly honest I don't have a real legitimate reason why I don't. I guess because he puts in all the effort in making sure I don't see him acting a certain way with her, I don't necessarily look at myself as the other woman. If that was who I was, then things would unfold differently because I would openly tolerate more and he would be more blatant about certain things.

CR: If things work out your way, how does this story end?

Rebecca: That is a very difficult question to answer. So let me start by stating that we clearly would have trust issues given the circumstances. However, I would be lying if I said I am not interested in taking steps toward something permanent with him. So I guess the best way to answer the question is to say that in my fairy tale world we would be exclusively together.

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  1. You say you're not the other woman because his actions aren't blatant. But earlier in the interview you said he brings his girlfriend to the same place you are. Even if he shows you some attention I'd still say the nerve of bringing his two girls in the same venue is blatant! You're in pure denial!

  2. The side sideline always ride the bench they'll never be the star player. You need to cuts that short.

  3. WTF. u ARE the other woman.

    I am sorry this pisses me off on her part and his. But the fact that she is talking like she is in LaLa land makes me wanna slap her.

    These are the people that spread diseases

  4. I think you are definitely in denial and somewhat bold to know that there is a possibility of that girl actually being his girlfriend yet purposely believing his lies to make you feel better about the situation. There is no good that can come from this at all! Someone putting themselves in such a predicament knowingly has got to have serious issues. Ever really asked yourself WHY you're ok with being the other woman?

  5. It's not completely your fault he did mislead you for 7 weeks. But I'm pretty sure you'll be the only won hurting when all is said and done.

  6. Wow... I don't even have to say anything... a lot has been said already.

    Well the one thing I will say is what Keisha said, Why?

  7. I agree with Keisha and Angela...why? Why would you want to be with someone who is 100% yours? And do you think that you are missing out on someone who would be 100% yours waiting on the one who is 25% yours to realize like you're worth his 100%?

    Just something to think about.

  8. Hey I just thought about something!
    How do you know that you are the ONLY "other woman"? He may have a shit load of "other women"! And why are we talking to "Rebecca" when she obviously is not responding! Lol

  9. OK. The only way I would consider her the "other woman" is if he was married. Since he's not, he is indeed single. However, it is up to him to disclose himself and then let her decide what she wants to deal with. Rebecca is being submissive (and by that I mean not as confrontational as the "girlfriend") in hopes of "winning" him. You are not the "other woman", you're ONE of his women.

    I think that even if he was 100% upfront with you about the nature of his relationship with the girlfriend the outcome of your current actions wouldnt be much different. Just because you express to him your dislike of the possibility of him having a girlfriend doesn't make you less than "one of 2 or more" or "the other woman" as you put it. At the end of the day you can tell him what you want but when you stay it speaks volumes and trust me that will define how much respect he will have for you now and throughout the "relationship".