Monday, June 13, 2011

Girl Talk

We're baaaaaackkk!!! Once again myself and five of my best lady friends were asked to let you all in on things we women talk about during our "male free" nights. If you follow the blog, you see we've touched on everything ranging from the over wieght lover to our secret attraction to 'girl on girl' porn. We are all excited to have the blog back. Now let’s get on with it... The other day we got on the topic of SIZE. My girl was telling a hilarious story of this 6'5" chiseled specimen with a penis the size of a light switch! I'm sure she was exaggerating but you get the point. So I mentioned my preference. The average (6-7 inches) is more than enough for me. I mean the ‘anaconda’ is a great conversation piece but other than that all it can contribute is pain and discomfort. Three of my girls strongly disagreed, stating there is nothing better than a sexy man with a huge D---! So readers, we need a tie breaker. Does size matter?!

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  1. yay! Girl talk is my favorite part of the blog! welcome back ladies! and Yes size does matter...a lot!!! lol