Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Writer's Block

This segment was created to allow the writers of Cupid's Reality speak their minds. Your thoughts and feedback are more than encouraged...

A wise man (my ex) once told me that within 15 minutes of meeting a woman, a man has placed her in a "category". Now, these categories change with each man pending on what stage of life he is in. For instance, for the man who just got out of a long term relationship, the category of "wifey" may not be an option, no matter how well the woman carries herself, because he is not willing to commit again at this point in his life. Categories can range from “friend”, wifey””, “freak”, “let’s see where this goes” to party girl etc. According to my ex, just a brief conversation with him has placed you in your rightful category. I asked him if a woman can start off in one category and move to another. His answer...Absolutely, but its easier to be promoted from the “friend” category than it is to move up from the "freak" or “wacko”. He ended this theory by saying first impressions are everything. When a man walks in with you on his arm he wants other men to think "Damn, I wouldn’t mind her being my girl” vs. "Damn, I’m going to fuck his girl". So CR readers, do you think there is some validity to this category theory???


  1. I wonder if it's possible for the woman's category to change pending on where she is in her life. I was once more of a party girl but that's not the case any more. Now I'm noticing guys are trying to lock me down instead of asking me where the parties are

  2. As a women I put size people up pretty quick as well... so I agree!