Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 Week Dating Challenge, Part III

We dared you to rev up your love your life the next 2 weeks. We hope you followed our first 3 days, and it is never too late to start. Alright let's continue, ladies and gentlemen take heed:

Day 5: Join a dating connection website.
- No, I promise it is okay! There are an increasing number of people that are signing up. Though some charge a fee it is worth. Isn't it worth investing in your love life and happiness?

Day 6: Be Alone
- Go to a happy hour, dinner, or a social spot alone. That's right I said ALONE! You don't even have to talk to people the first couple of times. Why this works? Well knowing what you like and who you like without any social pressure or peers to sway you to go another way, will help you realize what YOU want. Many of us are unaware of how much weight we put in our friends opinions and judgment, and sometimes with this you could be blocking the love of your life from entering.

Day 7: 3 in 1
- Go on THREE dates in ONE day. One for lunch, happy hour, then dinner... Hey we are all very busy people so utilize your time wisely. You are not tied down to anyone and are trying to meet Mr. Right. You will at least get 3 meals out of it, so that is always a plus.

Day 8: Conventions! Conventions! Conventions!
- Okay what is better than being around 100s of people that have similar interest as you do? There are hundreds of various conventions around the country each year, and there is surely one that you can go to. Conventions bring in a variety of people from all around the country to one central location. I mean, c'mon... it is like a pool of "potentials" in one place just for you!

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