Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Locker Room

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving but now it's time to get back to Cupid's Reality!!!

    CC sat down with four professional atheletes and I must say Houston ladies have made quite the name for themselves in the world of atheletes. These ballers say that atheletes know to hide their wallets when they come to Houston! That's right ladies, Houston women have the reputation of being GOLD DIGGERS!!!! These hot atheletes say they know a gold digger from a mile away and Houston is their nest. On the brighter side, They did mention that New York, California and Houston have some of the most beautful women in the U.S.A. but when it comes to handing out the best body award....Houston wins hands down!!!! So to summarize this interview: Houston women are beautiful with the bodies of greek goddesses but you have to pay to play! Now I must say, I've witnessed quite a few "opportunist" in Houston and beautiful ones at that! But don't put us in a box fellas there are some good ones out here as well!!!

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