Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Shack or not to Shack????

Is living together still taboo?

She was nervous.
He was divorced.
They loved each other, but is right now the right time to move in together? Could they overlook the sex issue due to their religious beliefs? Would the relationship last?

This has long been a taboo subject, the issue of sex and living together before marriage. There are 3 issues CC will address and we would love to hear your thoughts:

1. The Contract: Just think about it you, a single 27 year old female, are just finally finding your independence, and you just found the right color paint for your living room decor. Your boyfriend proposes that you two live together to save money and spend quality time together. Makes sense right?
Well we all have seen it before...2 lovers move in... invest new furniture TOGETHER...then BAM! They break up and now they have all these things they have to split. Well save all that drama and agree on a cohabitation contract before moving. It gives you peace of mind and saves you the DRAMA.

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2. Saving it For Marriage?: Well this is continues to be a big issue for most. We love our mate, but we do not to break the commitment we have made to ourselves. Make sure the person you are with understands your commitment and discuss in great detail your goals. If you see that he/she is not willing to wait until marriage...then you probably just saved yourself months or years of hassle with this individual. If they cast respect your wishes's time to reevaluate who you are with.

3. Will this Benefit our Relationship?: Don't believe the hype, it works for some couples. Most people always hear the extreme cases of cohabitation. Either the "I hate having to see them EVERYDAY" or the "It was the best move we ever made". You know yourself more than anyone else. If you have been living alone for years, then maybe you and your partner need to do a "mock" move in. One person can move in with the other for about a month. During this time you must act as though you do at your own home. If you walk in and throw your clothes on the floor, then do it! If you brush your hair and it gets everywhere, then leave it there! If you use the bathroom (number 2) with the door open...well you guessed it, DO IT! This will allow you and your partner to discuss and see all the kinks before hand, and you can make a rational decision.

So before you shack, think of it as a business investment….Will it be a wise and profitable investment for you and your partner?

What do you think?


  1. I shacked and it worked out for the better! We had tough times but we were able to see each other in our elements!

    No contract though...ummm that would have been a good idea

  2. This is a nice piece that will invoke thought in many that will read it. I struggled with the decision prior to doing it, but ultimately realized it was a good choice for us. I believe it depends on the couple :-)!