Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Breakdown: What Type of Woman Are You? Introduciing the Controller

Your Love Anthem: "My Way"


- Is super-responsible, pragmatic and hardworking. Your patience wears thin for men who aren't.
- Expects their men's love to be demonstrated by bowing to their standards, values and expectations.
- Constantly try to convince themselves and others that they aren't manipulative, compulsive or demanding.
- Tend to talk about their emotions rather than expressing them.
-Use silence, withdrawal or departure to punish their man when he fails to do it there way.

(The above is a summarization of page 24 of the book “How to Love a Black Man" by Dr. Ronn Elmore)

Controller: True or Flase coming soon...


  1. I have to get this book ASAP!!!

  2. I'm guilty...I think this is me to a point!