Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Women Hate in Bed!!!

The men voiced their grievances and now the women bite back! CC spoke with a panel of beauties to investigate what women hate in bed!

-I'M ON TO YOU: Women say they can tell when you're "going down" simply as a tool to get her lubricated vs doing it because you enjoy pleasuring her. Get into it guys!!!!
-YOU'RE SO SELFISH: Ladies are frustrated with men having all the fun! If she doesn't climax through intercourse, find another way to take her there!
-SO PREDICTABLE: Is there a mandetory "foreplay" (or lack there of) class that all men take? More times than not men follow the same path time and time again! KISS-NECK-BREAST-ORAL-PENETRATION. Women can see these predictable steps from a mile away! They demand a change!!!
-PORN OBSESSED: This goes to all those over zealous porn collectors! Women ask that you please stop targeting the uterus! It hurts! Have you seen the anatomy of a porn star? Waaaayyy Different. In this case art doesn't always imitate life!!!
-BE GENTLE: When licking or touching the clitorous pressure is the key! If your finger or tougue applies too much pressure you will definitely make her squirm but not in the way you'd like to believe! Her flower is delicate. Treat it as such!
-TRUTH HURTS: Women want to let men know that they do fake it ALOT! 9 times out of 10 the sex is just blah. You think you're doing so well and they just don't have the heart to break it to you!


  1. "Stop targeting the uterus" lol Amen!!!!

  2. Pinky and the BrainNovember 4, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    I need all men to read this RITE NAAW

  3. Can we have a part 2 bc i have soooo much to add!!???

    I think the selfish one is on top of the list bc when a guy cums... then that is it! He acts like he is paralyzed and can't do shit. and I am left there still wanting more, but I have no choice but to wait...then when i wait i am not excited anymore.

    and what is even more messed up is that when i cum... then i get a 1 minute break and he tries to go at it again. I mean when do we get a break ladies....

    Men are just selfish selfish selfish....

  4. So true Tasha! What's worse is when you are minutes from climaxing and then he cums right before u get there!!! Ugggghhhhh that has got to be THE MOST frustrating feeling ever!

  5. What about when You think he'll be able to work it in bed then the moment of truth comes and you wish you hadn't wasted your time! It doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel bad it just doesn't feel like anything but friction! Those are the ones you want to hurry up and finish!!! Lol
    P.S. Why aren't there any men asking for 'sex improvement' advice???

  6. Well, I have learned about all the others but I did think that the Predictable one was funny. As a man you kind of get caught in that cycle until you realize it yourself, lol. Alot of this depends on the man because I will agree that most men are selfish in bed. If you find one that's more worried about your pleasure in bed than his...that might be a keeper. Now how long am I supposed to wait after I maker her climax? It's not like a man cuz honeslty he might be done for a while, sometimes it's not something he can help, but how long should a woman's rest period be. It seems like some want it right away. Well, with the method I use anyway. Eat to climax, F--- to climax, then eat to climax again if she's down then I gets mine....unless it's already too late, lol.
    P.S. Nothing but friction immalady, DAMN! I mean I don't know, they all might have faked on me I guess but if they call back for more that should be a good indicator right?

  7. Pinky and the BrainNovember 4, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    Ummm John Doe... I would say feel her out and see how long... bc woman would like to soak in the moment and chill...have a sa-mich..you know!

    But some might be tired, sore, dry, etc...so i would say feel her out and see what she wants. and John if you making her climax that many times in one session...Where in the hell are you? Call me...lol

  8. John Doe: If the girl actually does climax she should be cool and yall can start back up when you're ready. Women rarely need alot of time to get back in to it. As for the friction comment lol it is true!!! It's hard to explain it's like your juices are flowing and all systems are on go but he's not hitting that place! A man can have the stoke game of a pro and it will be sexy but that's about it! If he can't hit the spot(s) wherever hers may be, its just friction! Now to answer your question if a woman keeps calling you back for more that's a good sign. However keep in mind that most women are emotional lovers and there are pleanty of times I've revisted the same 'friction machine' simply because I liked him and wanted to have those intamate moments with him. The closeness, caressing, giving him pleasure and him wanting to do the same for me.

  9. Thanks Pinky and immalady. Also, Pinky and the Brain, maybe not everytime but that's the goal goin in. I think I have a pretty good completion percentage, ;-)