Thursday, November 12, 2009


Girl Talk is a new segment that we are introducing to give men a "fly on the wall" perspective into the secret lives of women. CAUTION: these topics may get a little heated & many women won't ever admit to having these thoughts but Cupid's Cousin found a few brave souls who aren't afraid of a little 'girl talk' enjoy...

I was asked by CC to send in a summary of convo's I have with my gal pals ever so often. This opportunity was offered a few weeks ago but lately we haven't been talking about any note worthy topics. When this particular convo got started we knew it was worth mentioning! So, we got on the topic of porn and one of my friends boldly stated that girl-on-girl porn gets her going. I felt the same way but was hesitant to mention it. Long story short, eventually all 6 of us agreed that girl-on-girl porn is a definite turn on! So then the question comes up..."does that mean we're gay?". We all prefer heterosexual relationships but get 'revved up' when seeing two women sexually. We all agree that we have no desire to be in a lesbian relationship but seeing the sex is HOT!!! We are clueless to what this means it's just hilarious that all of us feel the same way and never said anything.

So we ask the ladies, do you all enjoy girl-on-girl porn and what do you think it means?


  1. I'm guilty!!!! I have sinned!!! Lol

  2. So I am surprised there has not been more feedback on this topic, we all know that women fantasize about women. I am guilty of it. I am not gay, but I think a woman's body is very sensual, soft, and reeks of sex... and men are usually hard and stern... so there is no gentleness about it.

    So i don't think it is gay, i think it is about sensuality!

  3. I'm not a woman but I love me some girl on girl action (I'm sure knowone is surprised!) If my woman started getting horny as hell as we're watching two women go at it....I wouldn't think she's gay, well, not if she started clamoring for the d---. It would actually be pretty hot and make me hard as hell. If she started rubbing herself while watching two women...............I guess I'd have to start eating her out so she can keep watching cuz I know when I come up from between them legs she bout to do some freaky shit. ;-)

  4. Pinky and the brainNovember 17, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    Ummm John Doe you are not afraid of expressing your sexuality! I sure hope all that talk is not.... well all talk

  5. Well you know Pinky and the brain all men are not just doin it missionary style you know. Some of us do like to get creative and think of some fun stuff to do in the bedroom. To me it's all about having fun no matter what you're doing so maybe every woman wasn't 100% satisfied in my history (and I'm sure they weren't) but these last few years I ain't heard no complaints. It seems like the older you get the more experimental and free you get. I still remember high school saying I'd never eat out a woman.....well that's gone out the window, lol. I think that a majority of the women on here might talk a good game but be a little more shy than advertised in the bedroom, but I guess that's how life works, it's all a guessing game.

  6. Well I was just saying bc you predvious post was, well, vulgar. So it made you look more like a hoe rather than a satisfying lover. And yes, i am more shy in the bedroom than I would like but I am trying to step out of my box. Men always say they want a freak in the bed and a lady in the streets, but when they actually have that they mentally place their gal in one or the other.

    When I let myself go and satisfy my man...basically be freaky, then they label me as a freak. Regardless if we been dating for a minute, had great chemistry, and connected on a mental level. It's is like once I let go... then they let me go.

    I say all that to say is there is a blurred line between freak and sexual...

    Ya' heard!!

  7. Omg pinky and the brain is speaking that truth!!! I have that problem! Men claim they want a freak but wifey is always a timid mouse!