Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 Week Dating Challenge

We dare you to rev up your love your life the next 2 weeks. Take our advice for the next 14 days and you will learn how to get your mate's attention! So ladies and gentlemen take heed:

Day 1: Get 5 friends to hook you up.
- Put out a dating SOS to all your friends telling them you would like to be set up. Why does this work? Well who knows you best?... That's right your friends. Chances are you will at least have a good time and find someone you are compatible with

Day 2: Just ask him out, already!
- There is always that one guy you have been checking out. Give him a smile and ask him if he'd like to have dinner. THAT'S RIGHT LADIES, you ask them out! This works because he might accept, The End!

Day 3: Flirt with the people you are NOT interested in.
- Touch the postman's shoulder and thank him for doing such a good job. Tell the cab driver this is the smoothest ride you've had all week, or mention to the 411 operator that you think she has a great voice. Why, you may ask? Well practice makes perfect, and you'll want to be adept at flirting when that sexy lady walks into your life.

Day 4, 5, 6 coming November 8th

*CC would like ot thank Essence Magazine February 2007 issue for some of these helpful tips idea!

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  1. ewww i just flirted with the gardener... I think he wants some booty now!!