Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girl Talk

Okay Ladies don't shoot the messenger! We were asked by CC to summarize juicy conversations amongst the 6 of us and this is one of the topics we talked about the other night. Women DO CHEAT and we do it well!!!!! Men like to think of us as loyal lovers who will never step outside of the relationship and for the most part men are right. I think men cheat a lot more often but get caught because they are horrible liars or they can't keep up with their lie. It also seems like men give in to infidelity and for women infidelity gives in to us! Men tend to be weakened by temptation and cheat as a result. With women cheating is premeditated from the beginning to the end. Actually beginning to the end should be the title of this entry (hint to CC) because when a lie comes out the mouth of a woman she will keep it from the beginning to the end!!! One thing that works to the woman's advantage is the fact that the man she is cheating with probably knows all about her mate and couldn't care less. Men have more of a need to be discrete because the shit will hit the fan if he is “outed” on either side. Women are notorious for contacting the 'other woman' and setting things straight. We also talked about the advantage women have because men don't expect us to cheat thus they don't look for it. Well it's the counter for women our history says the next man will probably cheat just like the last so we look for it from the beginning to the end. Now men don't get worried actually 4 of the 6 of us don't cheat and have no desire to do so. I think we all agree that women are naturally the more loyal of the sexes and its a good thing because if that weren't the case men would be in trouble!

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