Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Breakdown: What Type of Woman Are You? Pleaser continued....

Are you a pleaser? CC summarized pages 19-21 of the book "How to Love a Black Man" by Dr. Ronn Elmore. REMINDER: if you answer true to ANY of these, you have ‘pleaser’ tendencies.

True or False.

1. You tend to play a role around men. Making sure to dress, speak and act a certain way that is different from the real you.
2. You do humiliating things to make or keep contact with men. (You have been know to pursue commitment is ways that border on begging)
3. You go out of your way to keep the relationship progressing along so that all he basically has to do is show up.
4. You give up your money, body and tie in way you don't want to but you do it because he wants it.
5. You are constantly thinking of ways to make him more impressed with you.
6. You settle for far less of him than you give out.
7. You know exactly what you want with him but almost never clearly state it.
8. You have become good at justifying, defending and explaining his mistreatment of you.
9. You are comfortable giving love and affection but have hard time accepting his compliments and affection.
10. You let other important areas in your life (friends, health, career) suffer when you are in a relationship.
11. You mood is tied up with his behavior and his mood.
12. You avoid showing negative emotions around him (i.e. anger or jealousy) from fear that he won’t approve.

YOUR PROBLEM: Low self esteem. You feel something is wrong with you when there isn't a Pedestal Man with you.

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