Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cupid's Chronicles: Alex:: Have my cake and eat it too!!! mmmm

Hey blog world. Well let me catch you up if you do not already know. My name is Alex, I have a boyfriend of 7 years. He is great. I got bored and cheated with my ex-boyfriend. Last time I left you guys I was feeling bad and depressed. Wellll.... things have changed. I'm officially having an "affair" with my ex. We have been on a few dates and he is so fun. I swear I can laugh and just act like myself around him. He is thoughtful and listens, and best of all he knows I am involved.

I know you all are like "why don't you break it off with your current boyfriend?", well if it was that simple I would. My boyfriend is caring, committed BUT boring. He doesn't allow me to let go and be free, and when I do he looks at me with disgust and confusion. I mean we use to do all that, but now he is simply boring. PLUS, and a big plus is...... (click "read more" for the juice)

my ex...well he is well endowed. OMG, he is huge and knows how to work it.

Let me tell you what my ex did. I was having a hard day at work, and he knew it because I cancelled our lunch date. Well at the end of the day I walked to my car to see he left a note that was a clue to something else. It simply stated "Relaxation Here" with an address. I followed the address and it leads me to a hotel (a nice one). I went to the front and he was standing there and he led me to the spa inside. Ya'll........ he got me a full spa massage, manicure, and pedicure. WTH? Who does that?

If I had gone home after, I would have told my boyfriend the day I was having and he would have halfway listened. See my current man is a workaholic, so everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. He could care less about my day, if I am mad, or anything that has to do with me.

So guys...see at least I am cheating with something good. I am having my cake and eating it too... mmmmm and it taste so damn good!


  1. I smell trouble!!! This type of thing never has a happy ending. Quit while you're ahead. There is a reason cake is called "devil food" lol

  2. You what I say...FUCK IT! Just use a damn condom! You live this life once so go for it! Plus woman are better at cheating anyway! Men are dumb

  3. LOL @ Tasha. But on the real tip it should be best u break it off with ur current bf especially if you know you are not happy.

  4. I agree with Anonymous and Jess...just go ahead and break it off with your current boyfriend. Have you and your ex ever talked about dating exclusively again? If not, you should have that conversation unless he is just having his cake too...

    But regardless of how boring someone is, no one deserves to be cheated on, especially if you are still intimate with your boyfriend.

  5. Well, I can never agree with cheating...and I know it sux that your current bf is what I like to call "beige paint", but this "hump homie" is your ex for a reason...I say enjoy this little action for a bit longer if that's what you want, but give yourself an end point to break it off and stick to it!