Monday, November 23, 2009

Men...Want to know How to Keep Her Attention?!?!

Cupid's Cousin really wants to help the men step their game up. If you follow our 5 tips.... we guarantee results:

#5: Don't be too friendly, ugh
- Well, if you discuss topics that friends discuss, then she will classify you as a friend. Yes, relationships should grow into full-fledged partnerships, but this is not so at the beginning. And if this isn't enough, she will tell you stories about all of the other men she likes and is pursuing.

#4: Keep her guessing
- Women like mystery. Now, CC is not saying that you should lie to them, nor are we saying that you should play games, but you should leave something hidden. Feed her a little at a time, keep her guessing!

#3: Do NOT make the first move
- So, show some interest -- this is the bait after all -- but keep your cards to your chest instead of slamming your two-of-a-kind on the table. Who knows? You may end up with a full house if you're patient.

#2: Be the Best you can be
- No, do not join the army, even though women like men in uniform. Rather, make sure you smell good, have fresh breath, are well-groomed, and look your best. Yes, some women do not care about looks, especially when your bank account swells to the seven-digits. However, the same way that men demand their women be good-looking, women demand and deserve the same. You have been warned.

#1: Manage her expectations
- Making her come to you is the easy part; keeping her is the real challenge. When you meet your dream woman, be honest with yourself and her: Do not portray yourself in a different light. Call it like it is and you will avoid headaches and misery down the road. Most importantly, she will see that you are being genuine, sincere and honest, and she will, therefore, want you by her side forever.

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  1. It appears as though a man just has to act like an asshole and BOOM we fall for them.... just sad