Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Breakdown: What Type of Woman Are You?

Before entering another relationship it is important to know what you need to work on. Over the next few weeks CC is breaking down the makings of a woman in love. Men pay close attention and investigate the wiring of women you normally date! Author Dr. Ronn Elmore has written a book that spot lights 5 types of women: Pleasers, Controllers, Avoiders and Bashers. First up, Pleasers!!!

Pleasers Anthem: "You're Nobody Until Sombody Loves You".

The Mind of a Pleaser:
-You're in love with love and the trappings that go with it.
-You feel great about yourself when a man shows interest and horrible when they don't
-You are secretly more competitive with other women and struggle w/ feelings of inadequacy around men.
-Men and relationships are almost always the center of your thoughts and conversations.
-You hope having a Pedatsal man of your own will somehow make up for not feeling like a Pedestal woman yourself.

Okay we'll stop there, just wanted to give our readers some food for thought! We will delve deeper into the 'pleaser' later on in the week and find out why this type of lover will always have problems in her relationship. CC would like to suggest that all readers keep an open mind and be honest about their flaws. We understand the truth hurts but it will also elicit change and improvement if you allow it.


  1. OMG! I gotta get my friend to read this! She is a pleaser 100%! I wonder what type of woman I am hmmmmmmm???

  2. Can't wait to see the other articles

  3. Let's be real no woman will admit to being a "pleaser"