Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cupid's Chronicle: Alex:: Blind leading the Blind

I am not my flesh.... I am more than this. I must meditate on these words to continue. I've been praying, fasting, and constantly thinking, but I am still dealing with this feeling inside me.

It might be time for me to be alone, and stop dragging my boyfriend blindly with me... either he knows or I let go.

The pleasure of my ex, haunts me daily. 


  1. Well, you are not married so you honestly aren't dragging him through anything. The time before marriage is the time that you explore your different options and finally through the constant prayer and fasting you seem to be doing make a decision. But even that doesn't have to happen tommorrow. U need to think about it...Why is your pleasurable ex, your ex? Is that something you can look past and live with if that problem comes up again. Does he have these feelings for you too cuz if not this is a losing fight. I feel sorry for your current boyfriend but I also feel like he knows and is just not confronting you about it. Hell you never know, the pleasure of his ex my haunt him too...for that matter, whose doesn't?

  2. See that is just it. I was with my ex a long long long time ago, so our break up was trival and dumb. We both have grown and see the world different now. My ex is currently my rock and the person that makes me laugh. Am I being selfish? I'm falling for my ex and I am in love with my bf (which is apart of my next blog that will come soon).

    Thanks for the information John Doe

  3. Not being married is NOT an excuse for cheating! You need to practice monogamy prior to marraige! You are definitely being selfish! As cliche as this may sound, try turning the tables. How would you feel? What would you want your boyfriend to do?

  4. Well Anonymous... I have considered the whole tables turn thing... and unfortunately I don't think about it until after I do something... Sooo yea