Monday, October 26, 2009

Cupid's Chronicles::Candace: Men Wanted

Good News!!!! He finally came to his senses!!!! After that jerk suggested I take him to dinner for our first date I completely cut him off. Days later he calls and attempts to ignore our previous falling out and hold normal convo. This only made me more upset so I told him I had to end the phone call. He calls back, seconds later, and claims he was joking with the 'dinner thing'. I must admit this upset me as well because he failed to be honest and say "I'm just a jerk" but I decided to take it easy and allow him to make it up to me. Now, I know there are some men thinking she is sooooo overreacting but he really pissed me off! Anyway we went to dinner this weekend then back to his place for some late night chat. I've been wanting to jump his bones since I met him and once I got to his place I could tell he knew it. He began to over work his sex appeal. I don't know how to explain it, he was gazing into my eyes and doing all types of cliche things. I had to hold my laughter in when he went to the restroom fully clothed and came out with no shirt on! He claimed water got on his shirt. Now I must be honest he had the body of a god but I was just turned off! So needless to say he got no XXX action. I'm as shocked as you all are lol! I have to hand it to the readers who commented on my last entry, you all are RIGHT I'm dating boys not men :( Now I just have to figure out how to change this...P.S. It is so sad that through the entire date I was thinking of how I would word the nights events in my next entry! lol

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