Monday, October 5, 2009

Were You Really That Great? Doubt it!!!

First things first it's important for men to understand that many women have a difficult time having an orgasm. Most women will never expierence the 'Big O' in their life time. If you are a man who is detemined to master the art of love making you must know and listen to her body!

1. If she has a sudden orgasm, SHE'S FAKING

2. If she seems distracted, SHE'S FAKING

3. If she is NOT wet, DUH!!!

How can you know when it's real???

You’ll know that she’s for real when her body temperature is up, her labia are swollen, wet and are a darker pink or purple than usual. They’ll also give off voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions, and her clitoris will be larger than normal. Her breasts may feel bigger in your hands as they’ll be a little more swollen, and her nipples will be hard and erect. These things just can’t be controlled by a woman and will be easy for you to see and discover.

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